The Top Five Reasons

It is not easy to land a meeting with an executive producer or a film agent. By bringing experts who work in Hollywood, to Spokane, CWWH provides an opportunity to get in front of the people who can actually do something with a writer’s material.

Whether you are a novelist, a beginner writer, or a screenwriter, there will be presentations geared specifically toward your craft.

CWWH is meant to be an intimate conference. There will not be the confusion of a large arena, or hundreds of other writers to compete with. And there is not a feeling of loss when selecting a break-out session because there are no more than 2 at a time. With intent, we keep the platform simple so that attendees can spend as much time as possible with the experts.

Small Groups! This year we are introducing small groups. This is a session where up to 25 attendees have a break-out session with a Hollywood insider. There will be a moderator to make sure an individual does not monopolize the time. This will be a great opportunity to get specific questions answered and to network with the guest speaker and others.

Pitch Sessions of course! This is the golden opportunity for writers. Ten minutes, one-on-one with a producer or agent, who you will share your material with.