Jarrod Murray

Literary Manager/Producer

    Jarrod Murray is a partner at Epicenter.  Beginning with only a handful of talented and diverse clients in 2012, Epicenter has expanded dramatically over its five years of existence, in particular specializing in breaking new talent and honing raw, talented voices. They have multiple writers staffed on network, online, and broadcast cable platforms (including THE PURGE, PREACHER, WATCHMEN, ONCE UPON A TIME, MARS, TEEN WOLF, CRIMINAL MINDS, APB, and THE STRAIN, among others.) Their clients have sold projects to the CW, CBS, USA, Fox, and Nickelodeon, and have shows currently airing on Netflix (SPIRIT: RIDING FREE) and FX (POSE, premiering Summer 2018.) In features, their client Nick Yarborough’s script A LETTER FROM ROSEMARY KENNEDY made the 2016 Black List.  Epicenter is proud to be a premiere home of excellent character-and-voice-driven material for all genres and audiences.

    Before opening up his own management company, Jarrod was the head of development at PCH Films, where he oversaw the production company’s slate. He also served as the creative executive of Adelstein Productions where he set up spec script Hanna at Focus Features and The Necklace at Fox Searchlight.